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We are a new organization that is rapidly growing and evolving. We are building a community of STEM-trained professionals who are excited about increasing their engagement with the communities in which they live.

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Our events and online resources are open to everyone, and you can sign up for our listserv to receive updates from ESAL.

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Volunteer with ESAL

As a new organization, we are also looking for volunteers to organize local ESAL chapters, develop resources to share with the ESAL community, and to help shape our efforts. As a young organization, we are also excited to explore and enable new ideas. Some of the activities we are currently considering include:

  • Developing policy “briefs” to provide evidence-based background on policy issues with an emphasis on their city, state, and regional impacts.
  • Developing and curating software tools to help people better track and understand what’s happening in their communities.

If you’d like to help develop ESAL or have suggestions for future activities, please email to let us know.

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